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Motivational Video I Created – Blink of a Moment

So I woke up today feeling the “side effects” of treatment & a hectic schedule. Bleck! I took 2 minutes to pray my 3 boys, all of you, and then a pain free day. I then dusted myself off mentally and decided that I am WAY TOO STRONG to let pain define my day. And what better way to give myself a mental boost than to watch the “Blink of a Moment” video. Please take 3 minutes, watch this video and share it with everyone you know. It would mean so much to me if this video would get 10,000+ views and impact the lives of 10,000+ amazing people. Today, no matter what you may be going through (work, relationships, physical pain, illness, or just general stress)… YOU WILL WIN THE DAY and I will be there right along your side.

Hughes Troops Rule! Cancer Drools!!

Song performed by the band Revive

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