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  1. Steven B. Harkness

    Dear Tracy, They say behind each strong man there is a woman; Ronald & Nancy Reagan just came to mind. Though you are probably to young to remember much from that time period, at the end of his second term President reagan was very old and made mistakes that old people make. Nancy Reagan, kept the press at bay, and made sure her “Ronnie” was always portrayed in a postive manor for the press. What Dustin describes….you are his Nancy Reagan. You carry your self in the manor of a first lady at the White House. God bless and grant your family the miracle needed to heal Dustin.

  2. johnene

    This is redundant I’m sure, but Tracy is thee best thing to happen to u. Her strength and attitude are to be admired at the very least. I’ve admired your friendship despite your relationship “status”. There aren’t a lot of women who would still be there with a gracious heart in the circumstances set forth. Tracy is an amazing woman, friend, person & I have yet to meet anyone like her. Thank the Lord for putting her in ur life and having the heart to be who you need her to be. Whether that’s an awesome mother, best friend, business partner, or wife. I can see her heart and she loves u as u love her. It’s nice to read/hear the appreciation, believe me I have been there in my marriage. Nothing is a mistake and all of this is for a reason, I’m trying to say that I’m glad that ur are blessed with your soul mate. Now that u recognize, move forward with no regrets and tons of love! Much love to ur family!

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